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Mediation in the workplace

Mediation in the Workplace For Employers

Workplace mediation is an effective alternative for employers and employees to resolve conflict rather than going down the formal route, that often leads to an Employment Tribunal.  Our confidential workplace mediation service helps to resolve disputes usually in one full day, reducing stress and tensions at work and helping to rebuild working relationships. Our accredited Workplace Mediator helps colleagues move toward a resolution, agreed by all parties.

Conflicts that are managed positively and resolved constructively through workplace mediation can save time, money and all parties have control over the outcome. 

If you are struggling with resolving conflict at work, mediation may be worth considering, especially if the next step could potentially be an Employment Tribunal.

How we can help

Contact us on 0114 266 5577 to discuss whether our workplace mediation service may be the way forward for you or your organisation.