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Employment tribunal claims

Employment tribunal claims for employees

An employment tribunal claim is usually the last resort in work related disputes.  

How to make a claim at the employment tribunal

If you decide you want to make a claim at the employment tribunal you firstly need to go through ACAS:

  1. Early Conciliation: this is a step designed to try to find a way to resolve the dispute before it goes to the employment tribunal and usually lasts for up to six weeks.  You will need to complete an ACAS Early Conciliation form and may find these guidance notes useful.  You need to ensure you put down the correct name of your employer on the form.
  2. If you aren't able to reach an agreement at Early Conciliation you will receive a certificate from ACAS.  You will need to keep a note of the certificate number.
  3. You will then need to submit a claim at the employment tribunal by submitting an ET1 form online or by post.  You should ensure all claims are included on the form as you may not be able to include further claims at a later date.

If you feel this would be too much for you, especially if the problems you have experienced at work have been stressful, we could always represent you at this stage.

Time Limit

Most claims need to be lodged within three months, that is, three months less one day, usually from the date you were dismissed or from when the last incident took place.

Out of time?  You may be able to take the matter to a civil court depending on what the problem is.

Employment Tribunal fees

There aren't any.  From 26th July 2017, the Supreme Court found employment tribunal fees to be unlawful and people who paid employment tribunal fees are to be reimbursed.

In certain circumstances you may be able to obtain free advice and assistance

employment tribunal claims

How we can help

We can advise if we believe you have a case or not, the strength of your claims and fully support you every step of the way. Find out more about our fees.

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