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Employment tribunal claims

Employment tribunal claims for employers

The employment tribunal is usually the last resort in settling disputes over employment rights.  Tribunal claims can often relate to discrimination, dismissal, wages or redundancy payments.

If someone wants to make a claim against you, you’ll be contacted by ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation are Arbitration Service) and if all parties are willing you’ll have an opportunity to solve the problem through conciliation.

It’s important to realise that a job applicant can also make a claim to an employment tribunal, for example if they feel they’ve been discriminated against in an interview or selection process.

It is good to look at any situation from a business perspective and we offer pragmatic advice.  

Time Limit

Most claims need to be lodged within three months, that is, three months less one day, usually from the date the employee was dismissed, the date of their termination of employment or from when the last incident took place.

How we can help

Get in touch sooner rather than later if you are struggling to resolve a dispute with an employee (or former employee).  We may be able to advise on actions to take to avoid an employment tribunal.

If it comes to a tribunal, we can advise and fully support you every step of the way.  We’ll reduce the stress whilst you continue to run your business. Find out more about our fees.

If you want to minimise your risks from the outset, maybe our HR solutions could be for you.