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Disciplinary proceedings

Employment Disciplinary Proceedings

Employees are expected to behave in a certain way and adhere to policies and procedures out by their employer.  If your employer believes you have done something wrong you could find yourself facing disciplinary proceedings at work.  There are a number of reasons, as an employee, you may face disciplinary proceedings, for example in relation to conduct, timekeeping, absence, inappropriate use of company property or poor performance.

Employers should follow a clear process and you should have access to your employer’s disciplinary policy and procedure. The first step would usually be an investigatory meeting to make enquiries: please note employees are not usually able to be accompanied by anyone at this stage.

If the matter is deemed to be serious, your employer may take the matter further and you may find yourself being suspended.  Although this can feel daunting, bear in mind this does not mean that you are guilty of any allegation, as your employer has a duty to fully investigate the situation and take action if appropriate.

Once your employer has made full enquiries you may be invited to a disciplinary hearing.  At this point you have the right to be accompanied by a work colleague or union representative. You should also receive documentation that your employer is relying on ahead of the disciplinary hearing taking place.

Depending on the outcome employees have the right to appeal against the decision, usually within a specified time period, in writing.  It is likely this would lead to an appeal meeting, where again you have the right to be accompanied by a work colleague or union representative.

Disciplinary proceedings

How we can help

If you are facing disciplinary proceedings at work, we can fully support you. This could be as simple as offering you advice on your rights and what to look for as an outcome.  We also offer to guide you throughout the disciplinary procedure, including preparing correspondence for the disciplinary hearing and appeal.

Get in touch now if you need advice or support on any aspect of employment lawinitial chats are always free.