A question for you

Posted on 17th September 2015

An unusual image on many levels. Would Superman earn the same as Wonderwoman if they were both employed as superheroes by the same company - and would Superman do anything about it if he earned less? 

  • University caretakers and maintenance staff got together and claimed sex discrimination after calculating their hourly rate was less than women on the same pay scale.
  • Snooker referee, Michaela Tabb raised a grievance after not receiving a bonus from World Snooker Ltd and believed this was because she was a woman. The grievance was not upheld, Michaela resigned and claimed sex discrimination.
  • Sienna Miller joined a number of female actors in speaking out for being paid less than male actors and of sexism in the industry. Sienna chose to turn down a role rather than accept an offer of being paid less than her male co-star.

People are often reluctant to speak out as they fear possible reprisals. Not Charlotte Proudman who made a LinkedIn comment public that she received from a male solicitor.  

What would you do?

PS  We reckon Superman would call his union rep.