Holiday time

Posted on 29th July 2015

Oh the sun, the beach and all whilst being paid – if you're a worker, that is.

Do you know how much holiday you are entitled to?

Your holiday entitlement should be set out in writing in your employment contract. The minimum holiday you are entitled to is 5.6 weeks each year. If you work five days a week, this works out at 28 days including bank holidays. It's the same if you work part-time, say three days a week, you are entitled to 5.6 weeks' holiday - this works out at 16.8 days each year.

What happens if you are ill whilst on holiday? You could contact your employer to explain that you are ill and reclaim the holiday back another time. Bear in mind though, these days will be recorded as sickness absence and unless you receive enhanced sick pay, you are only entitled to statutory sick pay after being off sick for four or more days in a row.

For those who usually work overtime or earn commission, going on holiday has always been a double-edged sword, a break but with less pay than when you're working. Now, your holiday pay should be the same as your normal week's pay including commission and/or overtime, particularly when overtime is guaranteed or when you usually have no choice but to work overtime. Now, you can really enjoy your holiday.

Not going on holiday and stuck at work? Don't worry, this link to photos sent in to the Guardian will keep you going for a little longer.