Employment Grilling - Wayne Digby

Posted on 5th February 2016

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We have recently caught up with Wayne Digby, Head Clerk at Bank House Chambers, a barrister chambers in Sheffield. Wayne has worked in the legal arena his whole career. He is known to be an accomplished manager/organiser, juggling all manner of legal work to ensure that people are represented in Court by experienced barristers throughout the region. 

Your perfect working day – Having a full diary that works with no hiccups for all 32 barristers and achieving positive results for clients.

What makes a good boss? – Somebody who sets a good example, who I respect and look up too. A good boss is a team player, who gets his/her hands dirty.

What would you tell your 16 year old self? – Experience life before you commit yourself to work. Enjoy the world, perhaps travel. Education is important but also is working really hard.

First job – Working for the Crown Prosecution Service as an Office Junior straight from school.

Best job – Present job! I feel very lucky. I work hard but when it works it is the best job in the world.

Best thing about the company – Working with my team – David and Chantelle. We have worked together for many years. We are all very dedicated to make sure that Bank House Chambers provides the best possible service it can to our clients. 

Tip for people applying for a job – Be honest. Try and approach a job interview with a smile on your face. Bring in humour if possible.

Batman or Robin? – Definitely Batman. Batman is a leader and I like to be the boss even if sometimes I have to face difficult decisions.

Thanks Wayne.